Vitalize Your Chakras for Better Energy Health

I’m want to share with you Carol Tuttle’s three very simple things you can do to vitalize and energize your chakras to achieve the level of holistic energy health you’ve always wanted

The Chakra Energy Patching Exercise 

When there is a leak, you have to patch it. Many people are energy-depleted because they are not able to hold enough life force energy or “chi”. In this energy condition, you are flushing energy down and away from you, much like a toilet flushes water down. In order to maintain good energy health, you want energy spiraling up into your base chakra. Here’s one way you can do it in 4 easy steps:

1. Close your eyes and imagine you can see the energy leaking out of your tailbone.

2. Imagine a patch large enough to cover the leak.

3. Place the patch over the leak.

4. Imagine you can go beneath the energy and reverse the flow to spiral it up into your body through your tailbone.

The Crown Chakra Exercise

Why is this important? Life force energy is also fed to us through our crown chakra. The crown chakra is located on the top of your head. We maintain a higher life force energy when our crown chakra is open and active. When the crown chakra is closed or weak, we feel a lack of vitality and direction in our lives. As a result we look to others rather than our own spiritual compass for guidance. Here’s a simple, but very effective way to open up your crown chakra to receive energy in abundance:

1. Place the finger tips of each of your hands on the top of you forehead where your hairline starts. Your fingertips should be touching.

2. Now pull your fingertips away from each other as though you were opening up your crown.

3. Move your fingers 2 inches above the starting point and repeat the same movement.

4. Do this over the entire crown of your head until you reach the nape of your neck. Take 3 deep breaths to anchor in this opening.

 The Personal Power Chakra Exercise

Disruption of the flow of your life force energy occurs when a chakra is frozen or weak. It is common for individuals to have a frozen or weak third chakra. The third chakra represents your will, confidence and sense of self. This results in a lack of confidence and will to move enthusiastically with towards your goals. The third chakra energy wheel is located 2 inches above the navel in the solar plexus area. These simple steps will help you activate your third chakra effectively

1. Rub your palms together swiftly creating static electricity

2. Place the palm of your right hand on your solar plexus, rotating your palm in a clockwise direction while repeating: “I am powerful, I am the will of creating what I want.”

3. Repeat these steps 2 or 3 more times. Enjoy the exercises!

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Enjoy. X


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